Modulinis namelis gamtoje

We manufacture and assemble all the modules in our own factory where weather conditions have no effect on the production process.

Timber structures are being manufactured in our production warehouse which are later connected altogether using special perforated steel toothed plates.

We provide PRE-CUT service for manufacturers and builders of wooden frame houses, roof trusses and other wooden structures.

Preserving wood with fire makes it more weather-resistant and durable. At Shape House we provide charred wood that can be used in both – home interior and exterior solutions.



Having over 30 years of experience in the field of construction we are able to provide a full package of construction services as well as offer creative and innovative solutions for it.

Our team of professionals will always make sure that the quality of any construction object satisfies even the highest expectations.

Thanks to the latest woodworking equipment available at our factory we are able to offer you the best value for money!

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We manufacture and assemble all the modules in our own factory where weather conditions have no effect on the production process. The overall process is quite fast – the modules are manufactured within 1-2 months and transportation together with the installation only takes couple of days.


Modular cabins are produced using significantly less materials compared to the other types of houses. All SHAPE HOUSE options are designed to be extremely compact while making the most out of its space.


Due to its design SHAPE HOUSE can be transported to another location at any time. Furthermore, when/if there is a need – it is always possible to increase the existing space by placing more modules of different sizes next to your building.


All SHAPE HOUSE modules are made out of wood which has way more advantages in terms of environmental friendliness compared to the other building materials. Wood provides optimal humidity, heat and does not have any negative impact on human health.



Medžių brėžinys

Modular cabins give everyone a chance to have their own oasis of relaxation in nature, away from the city buzz. Experience nature’s beauty and chart your own adventure from the comfort of a modern prefab home. Choose one that suits you!

Modulinio namelio brėžinys

We own the most advanced woodworking equipment, therefore can offer you precisely cut elements of the house (wall carcass, roof trusses, etc.). In need of pre-cut elements, ready wall panels or fully completed house with interior? The completion level of the project is only your choice!

Modulinio namelio išplanavimas

Modular building method is the future of construction and commercial buildings (offices, hospitals, schools, shopping centers, etc.) are no exception. If your project demands speed, reliability and mobility – modular systems is definitely the best solution.